Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

We are pleased to announce that the new AWARxE WY Prescription Drug Monitoring Program software system is now available. Please note that the old website,, is no longer available. Users attempting to log into the old website will be redirected to Users whose account information was successfully transferred to the new PMP AWARxE platform have been emailed instructions on how to access the new PMP AWARxE site.

Eligible new users can click on "Create an Account" on the new website and follow the instructions to create a new account. Here are some useful guides to the new PMP AWARxE system:

The Board established a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in July, 2004, as authorized in W.S. 35-7-1060. The Board collects Schedule II-V controlled substance prescription information from all resident and non-resident retail pharmacies that dispense to residents of Wyoming.


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