Resident Pharmacy Applications

2024-2025 Renewal Applications

All resident pharmacies will need to submit their 2024-2025 renewal application to the Board office.  Hardcopy renewal forms have been mailed to the address on record with the Board. Resident pharmacies that hold a resident retail license, an institutional license, and a business-controlled substance registration only need to submit one (1) business-controlled substance registration renewal fee.
Renewal forms are also available  below:

New Applications

New resident pharmacies (located in Wyoming) must submit a New Construction/Remodel Application and at least one of the below applications, depending on the business activities that the pharmacy will perform. 

Additional Information

A Wyoming Controlled Substance Registration is required for all pharmacies that dispense controlled substances in Wyoming. 

Issuing and Dispensing Controlled Substances 

As a reminder, Wyoming Statute 35-7-1030 requires controlled substances to be electronically prescribed. The Board's Rules provide exemptions for certain circumstances when a controlled substance prescription may be issued non-electronically. For more information, please review the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act Rules Chapter 10: Issuing and Dispensing Prescriptions for Controlled Substances.

Wyoming Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

While pharmacists are not required to search the PDMP, the Board strongly encourages pharmacists to utilize the PDMP when determining whether they should dispense a prescription for a controlled substance. Pharmacists may appoint delegates to perform searches in the PDMP on their behalf. The PMP AWARxE User Guide contains useful information on setting up user accounts, delegates accounts, managing delegates, reviewing prescriptions for which you were listed as the prescriber, and more.

Dispensers are required to report dispensing information into the PDMP database. This information must be entered no later than the close of business on the business day immediately following the day the controlled substance was dispensed. For more information please review the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act Rules Chapter 8: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and the Data Submission Dispenser Guide. Zero reports must be submitted to the PMP Clearinghouse when a dispenser does not have any dispensations to report.