There are two types of pharmacist licensure: Examination/Score Transfer or Reciprocity (often referred to as License Transfer). Each of these requires a criminal background check, so please email, provide your mailing address, and ask for the appropriate application packet to be mailed to you.

New Pharmacist Application - email with the following information:

                -Type of application requested

         - examination/score transfer or 

         - reciprocity/license transfer application

                - Mailing address

Pharmacist Renewal Application 

Preceptor Pharmacist Application  

Preceptor Pharmacist Renewal Application 

Intern Evaluation Report

Reinstatement – If your Wyoming Pharmacist license has lapsed and you would like to reinstate, email, provide your mailing address, and ask for a Pharmacist Reinstatement Packet to be mailed to you. For more information, see the Wyoming Pharmacy Act Rules, Chapter 19, Sections 7 and 8.

Change of Address/Employment Form 

Legal Name Change Form


Who qualifies as a foreign pharmacy graduate in the state of Wyoming? 

How can a foreign pharmacy graduate become a registered pharmacist in the state of Wyoming? 

All graduates, including foreign pharmacy graduates, must also complete the following: