Recent Pharmacy Robberies

Post date: Jan 26, 2018

Recent pharmacy robberies have been reported in Torrington, Douglas, Thayne and Sundance. It appears that independently owned pharmacies are being targeted. You may wish to increase your security and provide staff education on prevention tips, what to do during a robbery, and what needs to be done after.

Prevention may include:

  • Installing alarm and video surveillance systems
  • Posting signs that announce surveillance equipment is utilized
  • Installation of panic buttons, window bars, safety glass and reinforced doors
  • Storing controlled substances in a safe
  • Installing bright lights and video surveillance to monitor the outside of your pharmacy
  • You may wish see if the local police can conduct a security assessment for your pharmacy

What you do during a robbery may include:

  • Cooperate. Do not resist and potentially aggravate the robber
  • Try to remain calm and avoid sudden or fast movements
  • Try to keep yourself and others safe. Do not try to apprehend the criminal yourself

What to do after a robbery may include:

  • Get treatment for anyone who has been injured
  • Call police
  • Lock doors to prevent possible re-entry, until police arrive
  • Write down what you remember as soon as you can. The quicker the better.
  • Once you determine what has been stolen, report controlled substance loss on a DEA 106 form and report it to the DEA along with a copy to the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy