Practitioner Required WORx Registration

Post date: Apr 17, 2018

New Practitioner Worx PDMP Required Registration

· New legislative language (SF0083) requires all practitioners to register for WORx at This is something that can be done today and practitioners can review controlled substances their patients may have received from other practitioners prior to their treatment.

· Reporting by dispensing practitioners (i.e. veterinarians, dentists, physicians, nurse practitioners, etc…) has not begun. Administrative rules and regulations have to be developed in collaboration with the other practitioner licensing boards and will include the specific reporting requirements.

· An exemption for administering medications during in-office procedures and treatments may be included in the newly developed administrative rules.

· If supplies of gabapentin, cyclobenzaprine, naloxone, or controlled substances (i.e. tramadol, oxycodone, etc...) are provided by practitioners for home use, they will likely need to be reported under the new rules once they are developed.

· When the new rules have been developed Controlled Substance Registrants will be notified and our website will be updated to reflect the new requirements. Developing rules will take several months. Practitioner Controlled Substance Registrants who dispense do not need to report dispensed prescriptions at this time.