Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Controlled Substances Registration

How do I renew a Controlled Substances Registration online?

Login here to renew online.

If you have forgotten your username/password, email or call to reset login information.

Create username/password here if you do not have an account.

The password must be 8 characters long and include at least one of the following:

      • Alphabetical character
      • Capitalized alphabetical character
      • Number
      • Unique character (ex. #, !, *)

Pharmacy number is your WY controlled substance number (eg: 423MKW12, or CS00043). Click here and type your first and last name to find your number.

Address changes

Check your renewal address and mailing address. If they have changed or they are incorrect, click “Change” and update the information.

Name changes

You cannot make a change to your name online. You will need to send a request in writing. If the change is due to marriage, divorce, or other legal action, provide a copy of the legal document or a copy of your amended license from your professional licensing Board. You may email, fax, or mail documentation. Your revised certificate will be sent to you once request is completed.

Actions Required

Update any information which is incorrect or out of date. This might include the “Demographics Page” or “DEA Page”.

Under “Current Licenses and Registrations,” click “Renew.”


The payment screen will ask for your credit card number (the State of Wyoming accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover), the three numbers on the back of your card (CVV2), and the mailing address connected to the card. The fee is $80.00 plus a $2.00 processing fee (two year renewal). When this page is complete, click to “Pay Now.”

Payment Receipt

The license is your receipt, as it has your name, date issued, and type of license.

Print certificate

If you click “Print License” and nothing happens, your pop-up blocker needs to be disabled temporarily.

Confirmation that Renewal is completed

Check your printed certificate and if the “issue date” is missing, the renewal did not go completely through. Log out, log back in, and go to the dashboard page and correct missing information listed in red. Reprint the corrected certificate.

Renewal via mail

A copy of the paper renewal is enclosed or it can be printed here, if you are not able to renew online. Complete the form, sign it and mail with a check or money order for $80.00 made out to the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy. A certificate will be mailed to the renewal address you provide on the form.

NOTE: There may be delays if you choose to renew on paper. Use tracking when you mail your renewal. We do not verify that forms are received due to the high volume of forms received. (Over 4,000 renewal forms have been mailed this year).