Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is required to provide fingerprints?

Applicants for new and reinstatement licenses for:

      • Pharmacist – New and Reciprocity
      • Intern
      • Pharmacy Technician
      • Pharmacy Technician-in-Training
      • Designated Representative for Wholesale Distributors (Except WD Veterinarian license)

What is the fee?

There is a $50.00 processing fee payable to the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy. There is typically another fee required by the fingerprinting facility.

Can my background report from another state be sent to the board? Can I use my employment background check?

No. New fingerprint cards must be submitted to the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy.

I am applying for reinstatement (Pharmacist/Technician). Do I need to do fingerprints again?

Yes. All reinstatement applications must include fingerprint cards.

I currently have an Intern license, but will be applying for a Pharmacist license soon. Do I have to have my fingerprints taken again?

Yes, unless you submitted fingerprint cards within one year of your new application.

Where can I go to get my fingerprints taken?

You can get your fingerprint cards completed at a police station, sheriff’s office, or DCI office. There is typically a fee required to take your fingerprints at these locations.

If my fingerprints are rejected will I have to pay the $50 fingerprinting fee again?

No. You will be notified by the Board that your fingerprint cards were rejected by the local DCI. A new set of fingerprint cards will also be sent.

How long does it take for my background report to be completed? Is there a way to expedite my background report?

The local DCI office can take 2-8 weeks to complete a background report. The Board has no control over this process and cannot expedite an applicant’s report.

Please email or contact the Board if you have any other questions.