Are surety bonds required?

  • Yes, both the statute and rules require a bond. The board may waive the requirement if the drug distributor has previously obtained a comparable bond or other security for the purpose of licensure in another state. See the section marked SECURITY on the application. A copy of the bond from another state may be sent to meet the requirement (Chapter 8 Section 5(b)) 

Does the designated representative have to submit fingerprints?

  • Yes, each location must identify a designated representative and complete that part of the application. Fingerprint cards must have the Wyoming Board stamp on them when submitted for the background check so contact the board to have the cards mailed. A set was included with each renewal packet mailed in March 2009. Be sure to follow the instructions to complete the cards and have them orange card notarized. Electronic fingerprints are not being accepted at this time. (Chapter 8 Section 5(a)(iii)) 

Are distributors of medical devices required to register?

  • No, the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy does not regulate devices. 

Are FDA approved manufactures exempt?

  • No, they must still be licensed in Wyoming. However, they are exempt from VAWD® requirement which is effective in 2010. (Chapter 8 Section 5(c)) 

What kind of information is needed for import-export activities?

  • Provide a short description in summary form: Does the distributor import raw materials and export finished products? A copy of the license could also be provided but is not required. (Chapter 8 Section 5()(ix)) 

Why is the application not available online on the website?

  • Fingerprint cards must be included, so contact the Board to have an application mailed. 

Are manufactures of OTC (over-the-counter) drugs exempt?

  • Yes, Wyoming does NOT require manufacturers of OTC drugs to be licensed. (Chapter 8 Section 2) 

Do distributors of oxygen have to complete this lengthy application/renewal?

  • Yes, distributors of oxygen were not exempted from the changes in the statute and the rules. The fee for licensing to distribute oxygen as a medical gas is $100 annually. (Wyoming Pharmacy Act 33-24-112) 

What Policies/Procedures must be sent and what does it mean "electronically"?

  • The policy/procedures or Standard Operating Procedures must be provided in electronic format (on disc or flash drive). We do not accept P&P by email or on paper due to storage constraints. 

If a company only distributes SAMPLES do they need to be licensed in Wyoming?

  • No, the definition of wholesale distribution in Wyoming does not include "the lawful distribution of drug samples by manufacturers' representatives or distributors' representatives" (Chapter 8 Section 4(n)(iii)) 

If the company is already VAWD® accredited are all the documents still required to be sent to Wyoming?

  • Yes, VAWD® accreditation is not required for Wyoming until 2010, so all the requested documents must be sent for the 2009 renewal or for a new application. (Chapter 8 Section 5(c)) 

Does a "virtual manufacturer" need to license in Wyoming if they hold the New Drug Application with the FDA but do not actually handle the prescription drug?

  • A virtual manufacturer may be exempt Contact the Board Office. 

How does a distributor of veterinary products become licensed in Wyoming?

  • The application is available on the Board's website under the "Licensing" tab. 

Disposal of Meds

How do I Dispose of Unused Medicines?

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