The Wyoming Controlled Substance Registration is required for all practitioners who will be prescribing controlled substances in Wyoming.

A practitioner must have a WY license from their own Board (Nursing, Medicine, etc). Temporary licenses are accepted.

A practitioner must have the Wyoming Controlled Substance Registration prior to applying for a federal DEA certificate.

This registration is a bi-annual one, renewed every two years.

Also included under this type of registration are the following:
  • Clinics/Surgery Centers; 
  • Law enforcement (K9 programs) who will be working with/investigating controlled substances; 
  • Animal control, sponsored by a law enforcement agency; 
  • Certified Euthanasia Technicians; 
  • Research Facilities; 
  • Analytical Laboratories;
  • Teaching Institutions. 
NEW APPLICATIONS must be mailed.
Faxed new/renewal applications are not accepted. 

Controlled Substance Application
Controlled Substance Bi-Annual Renewal Application 

Change of Address/Employment Form 

Legal Name Change Form