Section 11. Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education Requirements.

a. Every pharmacy technician seeking renewal of a pharmacy technician license shall complete,             during each calendar year, six (6) contact hours of approved, continuing pharmacy education               programs to be applied to the upcoming renewal year. Each person renewing their pharmacy               technician license shall indicate on the renewal application the number of contact hours of                   continuing education programs from approved continuing education providers that have been             completed.
b. Excess continuing education hours may not be carried forward to subsequent years.
c. Pharmacy technicians are required to maintain certificates of completion of approved continuing         education programs for two years from the date of reporting the contact hours on a license renewal     application.

Section 12. Continuing Education Audits.

1. The board shall randomly select submitted renewal application forms for audit and verification of          reported continuing education contact hours.
2. Upon written request by the board, a pharmacy technician shall provide to the board copies of             certificates of completion for all continuing education contact hours reported during a specified             license period. Failure to provide all requested records or failing to provide continuing education         certificates from approved continuing education providers as specified in this Chapter constitutes         prima facie evidence of knowingly submitting false or misleading information to the board for the         renewal of a license and may subject the pharmacy technician to disciplinary action by the board.

Section 13. Pharmacy Technician Approved Continuing Education Providers.

    The following are acceptable providers of continuing education for pharmacy technicians and may       be submitted to the Board for proof of meeting the continuing education requirement as specified in     Chapter 10, Section 11:
1. Pharmacist supervisor at place of employment, utilizing a format for documentation developed by       the Board of Pharmacy Staff;
2. Continuing education hours approved by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (P.T.C.B.);
3. Continuing education hours approved by The American Pharmaceutical Association (A.Ph.A.);
4. Continuing education hours of providers of continuing education accredited by the American               Council on Pharmaceutical Education (A.C.P.E.);
5. Continuing education hours presented by the Wyoming Pharmacists Association (W.Ph.A.).

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board - Universal Continuing Education Forms